MAP-FGM project presented at the Portugal’s National Science Meeting, Lisbon, 4 July

At July 4th Marta Patrício was at the Ciência 2017 (Science 2017), Portugal’s National Science Meeting in Lisbon, where she presented the MAPFGM project .  Follow the link As well, Ricardo Falcão was interviewed at September 4th by the Portuguese association P&D Factor. In this interview he pointed out the importance of the MAPFGM project and inserting contents of the […]

Meeting with the Belgian Secretary of State for Equal opportunities, 21 September

On September 21, Els Leye was invited for a meeting at the Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities, to discuss issue related to FGM/C and early/forced marriage. She provide a copy of the Multisectorial Guide to the Secretary of State and informed them about the project. 

FGM/C in the Seminar of review of gender equality policies, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 6th October

A Seminar of review of gender equality policies was organized by Professors Esperança Bosch and Victoria Ferrer at the Universitat de les Illes Balears on 6 October 2017, as an activity of the Master in Gender Equality policies and prevention of Gender Based Violence. The Gender Equality Observatory was invited to adress FGM/C, with a conference by Laura Nuño Gómez […]

Symposium “Challenges in estimating the prevalence of female genital mutilation in the European Union and recommendations for future estimations”

On Monday and Tuesday 27-28th of February, experts on female genital mutilation gathered at this international symposium that concluded the international research project “FGM-PREV”. This project was a cooperation between ICRH (Ghent University, Belgium), INED (France) and BICOCCA (Universita’ degli studi di Milano, Italy) and funded by the DAPHNE programme of the European Union, and focused on prevalence estimations of […]