Terms of Reference: Specialized Translation of Multisectorial Academic Training Guide on FGM/C

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos is the applicant of the project “Multi-sectoral academic programme to prevent and combat Female Genital Mutilation (FGM/C)”, cofounded by the European Commission, and implemented in cooperation with Fundación Wassu, Università Roma Tre, Fondazione Angello Celli per una cultura della salute, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and Vrij Universiteit Brussel. At URJC, the Gender Equality Observatory of […]

Publication of Multisectoral Academic Training Guide on FGM/C

The main training output of MAP-FGM project, the Multisectoral Academic Training Guide on FGM/C has just been released in 6 languages. Published by Dykinson Publishers, under the direction of Professors Adriana Kaplan and Laura Nuño Gómez, this teaching manual is aimed at promoting and facilitating the incorporation of academic content about FGM/C in university degrees of Medicine, Nursing, Education, Psychology, […]

At University: Training of students on FGM/C in 5 European countries: First steps

According to EIGE, an estimated 500,000 women and girls living in the European Union (EU) have undergone FGM, with further 180,000 girls and women at-risk. Nonetheless, most professionals in contact with them have not be trained on how to better prevent and manage this harmful practice against women and girls. Most European universities so far do not provide training on […]

Videos: Panels of I MAP-FGM International Seminar on Socio-cultural and legal aspects of FGM/C: transnational experiences of prevention and protection


At University: we keep working!

The URJC team has maintained advocacy meetings with professors from different disciplines for the insertion of FGM/C into the academic curriculum of next academic year. In this sense, a training course was offered on 15th of June to professors of Nursing, Medicine, Social Work, Law and Communication Degrees. This multisectoral training course was given by URJC team, Wassu Foundation, Medicos […]

MAP-FGM/C animated video spot

MAP-FGM/C video has been launched at our III International Seminar in Lisbon on 29th September 2017, on the eve of the European Night of Researchers. This creative video is made with the technics of a shadow theatre and was produced by a young team of artists on the basis of a script drafted by the members of the project. This […]

Published the papers of I MAP-FGM International Seminar

The papers of our I International Seminar held in Madrid on 3-4th February 2017 organized jointly by the Gender Equality Observatory of King Juan Carlos University and Wassu-UAB Foundation have been published in English and Spanish. Under the title of “Sociocultural and legal aspects of FGM/C: transnational experiences of prevention and protection”, it compiles findings and experiencies of European and […]

At University

At King Juan Carlos University, FGM/C has been mainstreamed so far in a wide range of teaching guides of the following courses and degrees for the academic year 2017-2018: Professional deontology and health legislation (Degrees in Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Social Work), Social Nursing, gender and Health (Degree in Nursing), Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing (Degree in Nursing), Gender and Social […]

At University

During the first semestre 2017-2018, Professors Julia Ropero, Laura Nuño, Magaly Thill, Gemma Cid, Inmaculada Corral and Almudena Alameda have provided training sessions on FGM/C to bachelor and PHD degrees students of law, criminology, medicine, nursing and gender studies. The Multisectoral Training Guide has been distributed among students and mailed to university libraries and gender studies centers throughout the country. […]

Interactive Multisectoral Academic Training e-Guide on FGM/C

In a context of increasing importance of on-line academic learning, MAP-FGM has published a colourful and interactive electronic manual to expand the scope of FGM/C insertion into curricula. This manual was previously published in 6 languages by Dykinson editors and distributed among students, professors, researchers, academic libraries, etc. The Interactive Multisectoral Academic Training e-Guide on FGM/C is a pdf document […]

MAP-FGM Project: More than 4000 Students and 70 Professors Trained on FGM/C in 5 European Universities

While the last publications were translated and printed, MAP-FGM project has come to an end on 31st January. In their last meeting hold in Barcelona on 11 and 12 January 2018, the Gender Equality Observatory of King Juan Carlos University, RHEA Centre of Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Roma Tre University, ISCTE-IUL and Wassu UAB Foundation shared the results of this two […]