From Medicine to Critical Anthropology

24-25th November 2017: 4th MAP-FGM International seminar “From Medicine to Critical Anthropology”

Roma Tre team is fixing up the organization of the International Seminar and started new trainings on FGM/C with students of Political Science and International Cooperation. 

The forth and last International Seminar of the MAP-FGM project is titled: “FGM/C: From Medicine to Critical Anthropology”. It will be held in Rome on 24 and 25 November 2017, in the Aula Magna of the Department of Political Science of Roma Tre University. An internet site is available and contains all the information for joining it. The programme includes three thematic sessions and a documentary screening. 

The seminar will investigate the biomedical approach to FGM/C, particularly considering its complex socio-cultural meanings and practices. A standpoint respectful of women’s subjectivities and migrants’ rights will be promoted. 

Gynecologists, trainers, medical and cultural anthropologists, gender advisors, demographers and activists from all over the world will convene in order to discuss and understand the socio-political stakes of medicalisation and reconstructive surgery and of policies and social campaigns against FGM/C in the different local societies. The theoretical challenges posed by taking into account male circumcision and intimate cosmetic surgery will be addressed as well. 

Experts from Indonesia, Cameroon and Djibouti will offer their insights directly from the field. These three countries, with Europe, Mali, Rwanda and Senegal, will be the socio-cultural contexts mainly taken into consideration. 

Roma Tre team is looking forward to welcoming you in Rome.

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