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photo by : Nabil Boufada Gonçalves

At King Juan Carlos University, FGM/C has been mainstreamed so far in a wide range of teaching guides of the following courses and degrees for the academic year 2017-2018: Professional deontology and health legislation (Degrees in Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Social Work), Social Nursing, gender and Health (Degree in Nursing), Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing (Degree in Nursing), Gender and Social Inequality (Master in Gender and Health), Domestic and Gender based violence (Degree in Criminology), Criminal Policy and Victimology (Degree in Criminology), Penal Law III (Degree in Law), Gender Based Violence (Degree in Gender Equality), Communication and Audiovisual Education (Degrees in Early Education and Primary Education), Journalism, Analysis and Opinion (Degree in Journalism) and Immigration, political asylum and development cooperation (Degree in International relations). While some courses have already started (i.e. Professor Julia Ropero has already provided a session on FGM/C to more than 400 students of Law in September) while others will be displayed on the second semester.

The didactic contents of the Multisectoral Academic Training Guide have also been mainstreamed along with other forms of gender based violence within the new module on gender equality and non-discrimination. This compulsory course developped by our Gender Equality Observatory is provided on-line for all students of King Juan Carlos University.

At Wassu Foundation, on the 19th of June, the director disseminated the aim and the outputs of the MAP-FGM project to the UAB Fundation’s board, which is composed by members of differente facultiies of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. From 4 to 7 October, Prof. Kaplan has also been implementing some courses in the Maynooth University, Ireland, where students of Social and Cultural Anthropology were interested in the project and in the Multisectoral Academic Training Guide on FGM/C.

In Belgium, Els Leye also gave a lecture on FGM/C at the Summer School “Health and Migration”, at Ghent University, on July 6, as well as a lecture on FGM/C at the Summer School “Reproductive Health and Rights, on July 7, also at Ghent University. 

The Roma Tre team has started new trainings on FGM/C with students of Political Science and International Cooperation. 

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