MAP-FGM Project: More than 4000 Students and 70 Professors Trained on FGM/C in 5 European Universities

While the last publications were translated and printed, MAP-FGM project has come to an end on 31st January. In their last meeting hold in Barcelona on 11 and 12 January 2018, the Gender Equality Observatory of King Juan Carlos University, RHEA Centre of Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Roma Tre University, ISCTE-IUL and Wassu UAB Foundation shared the results of this two year joint programme co-financed by the European Commission.

While more than 4000 students were trained on FGM/C from a gender and culture sensitive approach in 5 European universities, FGM/C has been inserted in curricula of Medicine, Nursing, Education, Social Work, Law, Criminology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Communication, Political Sciences and International Relations. Academic knowledge and cooperation has been increased through 4 international seminars.

This last newsletter is to summarize all the outputs developed during the project: the Multisectoral Academic Training Guide on FGM/C in 6 languages, MAP-FGM video spot and the proceedings of our seminars which have been published in several languages. We are therefore re-publishing news of previous newsletters with links to download these publications. We hope they will be useful to contribute to respectful, adequate and effective care services and prevention work towards women and girls with FGM/C or at risk, their families and communities.

We warmly thank all professors, researchers, conference speakers, students, professionals, institutions and NGOs who have supported, collaborated and attended the activities of MAP-FGM project. We are glad to have shed some light on this complex form of gender based violence and allowed for a critical thinking towards definitions, policies and narratives that surround FGM/C in countries of origin and destiny of FGM/C-prevalent communities.

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