Interactive Multisectoral Academic Training e-Guide on FGM/C

In a context of increasing importance of on-line academic learning, MAP-FGM has published a colourful and interactive electronic manual to expand the scope of FGM/C insertion into curricula. This manual was previously published in 6 languages by Dykinson editors and distributed among students, professors, researchers, academic libraries, etc. The Interactive Multisectoral Academic Training e-Guide on FGM/C is a pdf document […]

MAP-FGM Project: More than 4000 Students and 70 Professors Trained on FGM/C in 5 European Universities

While the last publications were translated and printed, MAP-FGM project has come to an end on 31st January. In their last meeting hold in Barcelona on 11 and 12 January 2018, the Gender Equality Observatory of King Juan Carlos University, RHEA Centre of Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Roma Tre University, ISCTE-IUL and Wassu UAB Foundation shared the results of this two […]

FGM/C is #MyIssueToo

On the eve of International Day against FGM/C, we are glad to announce that the European Parliament will vote this week, a Resolution proposed by its Women and Gender Equality (FEMM) Committee this week that speaks about “Invites the Commission and the Member States to include basic information on FGM and other practices harmful to a girl child in the […]