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During the first semestre 2017-2018, Professors Julia Ropero, Laura Nuño, Magaly Thill, Gemma Cid, Inmaculada Corral and Almudena Alameda have provided training sessions on FGM/C to bachelor and PHD degrees students of law, criminology, medicine, nursing and gender studies. The Multisectoral Training Guide has been distributed among students and mailed to university libraries and gender studies centers throughout the country.

On 30th October, Laura Nuño Gómez gave a conference on FGM/C at the Royal National Academy of Medicine for students of medicine and members of the academy. 150 students and members of the Academy attended the session on the subjet “Women and Health”. During the event, Laura Escobar presented a synthesis of her research on Health actions surrounding MGF/C which was prized among the best thesis of students of Master Degree in Tropical medicine and cooperation for development of URJC.

The ISCTE-IUL team provided two more training sessions. A workshop for professors from Instituto Politécnico de Leiria was held at 25th October 2017. The aims of this training were to introduce the MTG to the professors from different specialities and to promote its use as a way to develop their skills on how to teach FGM/C to students. At 10th November a FGM/C training was implemented in the Master’s of Social Service (1st year) at ISCTE-IUL.

In Barcelona, the Wassu Team has implemented 2 courses, one has been taught by Lourdes Franco, member of the IGPS/HTP, to undergraduate students of Social Work at Barcelona University. As well, Dr. Adriana Kaplan taught classes of FGM/C to students of the Master’s degree in Anthropology: Advanced Research and Social Intervention at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Students of both courses received the Multisectorial Academic Training Guide on FGM/C (2017).

Besides, the director of Wassu Foundation (Dr. Adriana Kaplan) presented to the press the Map of Female Genital Mutilation in Spain 2016

, work that was done with the demographer Antonio López Gay. In Spain, this map of FGM is regularly updated every four years, locating women coming from countries in which FGM/C is practised, geographically and demographically.

VUB-RHEA organised a seminar for professors on December 4. The Seminar was attended by professors and PhD students. Els Leye gave a presentation about the MAP FGM project, the contents of the Guide and the lessons provided during the project, and aimed at mobilising the professors to include FGM in their curricula. 

As well, VUB-RHEA gave a training for 3rd Bachelor students Nursing at the VUB on December 1. Almost 40 Students attended the seminar.

Roma Tre staff has successfully organized the Forth MAP-FGM International Seminar “FGM/C: From Medicine to Critical Anthropology”. They now started editing and translating the papers for the final publication.

The teaching on FGM/C is still going on at the Department of Political Science and of Science of Education. Fusaschi, Pompeo and Cavatorta are training students of international relations, cooperation and development, social work, history and science of education. For this academic year, in Roma Tre University, 16 CFU on FGM/C have been inserted in several curricula, at different levels and degrees.

Multisectoral Academic Programme to Prevent and Combat Female genital Mutilation/Cutting

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