At University: we keep working

The URJC team has maintained advocacy meetings with professors from different disciplines for the insertion of FGM/C into the academic curriculum of next academic year. In this sense, a training course was offered on 15th of June to professors of Nursing, Medicine, Social Work, Law and Communication Degrees. This multisectoral training course was given by URJC team, Wassu Foundation, Medicos […]

photo by : Nabil Boufada Gonçalves

At University

At King Juan Carlos University, FGM/C has been mainstreamed so far in a wide range of teaching guides of the following courses and degrees for the academic year 2017-2018: Professional deontology and health legislation (Degrees in Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Social Work), Social Nursing, gender and Health (Degree in Nursing), Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing (Degree in Nursing), Gender and Social […]

At University

During the first semestre 2017-2018, Professors Julia Ropero, Laura Nuño, Magaly Thill, Gemma Cid, Inmaculada Corral and Almudena Alameda have provided training sessions on FGM/C to bachelor and PHD degrees students of law, criminology, medicine, nursing and gender studies. The Multisectoral Training Guide has been distributed among students and mailed to university libraries and gender studies centers throughout the country. […]

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